Parade of Sail

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Parade of Sail  can be viewed starting on Page 34 with the following link. It was a real pleasure to be sailing among these historic Windjammers in the harbor of Camden, Maine and try to capture some of their meaning.

Lighthouse Digest Magazine

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The Lighthouses of Maine and Ourselves is an early article I wrote on these wonderful, beautiful,  and life-saving structures on the dramatic Maine coast. I was surprised at how much I was affected by them, and the meaning I saw because of what I learned through my Aesthetic Realism education. 

Photographing the Coast of Pemaquid

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Photographing the Coast of Pemaquid  appeared in the international Landscape Photography Magazine, It tells about one of the most picturesque coastlines in America and why I love it. 

The Spirit of America Lives at Ticonderoga

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The Spirit of America Lives at Ticonderoga published in The Lake Champlain Weekly of the historic city of Plattsburgh, NY, and appeared throughout northern New York State and beyond. Written in 2005, it still represents what America is looking for today.

First Naval Battle of the American Revolution

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The first naval battle of the American Revolution fought on the waters of Machias Bay in Down East Maine, which is not only important historically, but it shows what people can do when they have a purpose that is just to others as well as themselves. The important American writer, James Fenimore Cooper, described it as the "Lexington of the sea".

American Classic

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I am proud that this photo, named "American Classic" appeared on the cover of the journal Maine, Fish and Wildlife in 2009. It was used to highlight the importance of protecting the Bald Eagle, our National Symbol, and the larger question of protecting America's wildlife. 

Upstream Group Show

I am proud that my photo "Orderly Chaos" was among many quality works that were on exhibit at the Upstream Gallery in Hastings On Hudson, NY, in February 2020. Opposites like the orderly and the chaotic, I learned from Aesthetic Realism, are what we hope to make sense of in the world, including in ourselves. I was excited, as I studied this scene, to see how the orderly and the chaotic were not fighting each other, but in a beautiful composition, and that enabled me to make this photo. It was a very nice way to begin a new decade. Click on the link to view "Orderly Chaos"